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If you are suffering from chronic insomnia or sleeplessness then Ambien medication is suggested to you by your doctor. Although it is a powerful drug and reverses the effect it is not suitable for all as several people suffer severe side effects after using the medicine. The tablet comes in two forms namely the immediate-release tablet and the other as an extended-release tablet. The extended-release form has two layers with the first layer dissolving fast enough to help you fall asleep immediately. The second layer of the medicine dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep without any interruption in your sleep. Your doctor will make a check-up and perhaps suggest a few clinical tests to determine the most suitable form for you. Under no circumstances should anyone even think of taking the drug just because their neighbor is taking it or simply reading about the same somewhere. This is because the drug can have severe to life-threatening side effects. Besides, it is a prescription-based drug, and pharmacies are not allowed to sell them freely without a doctor’s prescription.

The Ambien drug is a hypnotic sedative and affects the chemicals within the human brain and unbalances a person if not properly taken. A person with a severe allergic reaction shouldn’t take the drug and so also pregnant and breastfeeding women. Wrong usage and abuse of the drug may even lead to the death of the person.

Before taking Ambien

You must avoid all outdoor activities while you are taking the medicine as it directly interferes with the brain and nervous system. If you are allergic to it there may be signs of allergic reaction. It may appear in the form of breathing difficulties, swellings on the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or as hives.

You cannot drive, engage in physical work or commute from one place to another if you are under medication for this drug. You will find that your memory of the immediate past becomes blurred and you forget everything that you have done a few hours earlier. Therefore it can be dangerous to venture outside under the influence of an Ambien hypnotic drug as it can lead to confusion and cognitive disability.

It is also seen that the drug may contain lactose and those patients sensitive to lactose shouldn’t take the medication. Again, patients with kidney and lung problems, liver problems, sleep apnea, mental illness, and so on should refrain from taking the drug.

Dosage and Side Effects

Dosages are always taken under the supervision of the doctor and no authentic pharmacies will sell the medicine without a doctor’s prescription. All Zolpidem medications like the brand Ambien are effective yet come with serious side effects if they are misused or taken as an overdose.

Generally, the recommended dosage is not the same for men and women. Again, the drug is taken for short-term use and helps you to fall asleep for 7 to 8 hours. If not, then you need to talk to your doctor about it, and also remember the insomnia symptoms may again return after you stop it.

You need to swallow the tablet whole and not chew or crush it. If you break the same and take it at different times with a gap of a few hours your body will count it as an overdose. In any case, the medication is dangerous to be taken beyond 4 weeks. Hence, your doctor is the best person in case you develop severe symptoms after consuming the medication.

If you suffer from agitation, unusual thoughts especially about planning suicide, memory problems and personality changes you must at once alert your doctor about the matter. In most cases, patients consuming the drug have relations and family or close friends reporting the adverse effects of Ambien to their doctors.

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