Let f(x) = x + 8 and g(x) = x2 − 6x − 7. Find f(g(2)).

The aim of this problem is to shed light on the very basic concept of composite functions. An expression or formula describing a mathematical relationship between two or more variables is called a function. A composite function is a type of function that is a cascade of two or more functions. In simpler words, we […]

Which table represents exponential growth.

This question aims to find whether the given table consisting of function f represents exponential growth or not. Exponential growth is also called a decay function when function is decreasing. A decay function is a type of function that decays with the factor of the number. When the function increases, it shows the growth of […]

Find the partial derivate of the given function

– $ z space = space  e^xy $ The main objective of this function is to find the partial derivative for the given function. Read moreFind the local maximum and minimum values and saddle points of the function.This question uses the concept of partial derivative. When one of the variables in a function of multiple […]

What is the height of the rocket above the surface of the earth at t=10.0 s ?

– A rocket initially at rest starts its upward motion from the earth’s surface. The vertical acceleration in +y upward direction in first $10.0s$ of flight is represented by $a_y=(12.8frac{m}{s^3})t$. – Part(a) – At what elevation will the rocket be at $10.0s$ from the surface of the earth? Read moreFind the local maximum and minimum […]