The Test Point Method: A Detailed Guide

Using the test point method, you can determine significant intervals and thereafter test a number out of each interval. This method simplifies the solution of linear, quadratic, and rational inequalities. In this complete guide, you will learn about the test point method and its applications as well as linear, quadratic, and rational inequalities. How To […]

2pir – Comprehensive Explanation and Detailed Examples

2pir is the circumference of a circle. The circumference (or the perimeter) of a circle is the total length of the circle’s boundary. The circumference is a linear measure, and its units are mostly given as centimeters, meters or inches. A circle is a closed round figure, and all the points on the circle’s boundary […]

The Domain of ln(x): The Natural Logarithm

The domain of $ln(x)$ is $x>0$, which means that $x$ can only accept positive real values. The natural logarithm, represented by $ln x$, is the logarithm having the base $e$. This complete guide will teach you about natural logarithms, their domains, and ranges. What Is the Domain of In (Natural Logarithm)? The domain of $ln(x)$ is […]

Rolle’s Theorem – Explanation and Examples

Rolle’s theorem states that if a real-valued function is continuous in a closed interval $[a,b]$ and is differentiable on the open interval $(a,b)$ while $f(a) = f(b)$, then there must be a point “$c$” in the open interval $(a,b)$ such that $f'(c) = 0$. The graphical representation of Rolle’s theorem is given below. Read moreFunction […]

Evaluate the line integral where c is the given curve.

[ boldsymbol{ oint xy ds text{ where s is defined by } x = t^2 text{ and } y = 2t text{ over the interval } 0 leq t leq 4 } ] The aim of this question is to learn how to solve line integrals over some closed surfaces. To solve this question, we […]