What is x^0 – Detailed Explanation & Examples

The answer to the question of what is x to the power of 0 is very simple and easy as $x^{0} = 1$. It looks very simple, but the question of how x^{0}

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Which relation is not a function

Which Relation Is Not a Function? Explanation and Examples

In mathematics, you will come across relations and functions quite often, but one burning question that arises in many students’ minds is which

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Multiplication property of inequality

Multiplication Property of Inequality – Explanation and Examples

The multiplication property of inequality states that if both sides of an inequality are multiplied or divided by the same positive number, it will

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Reflection function

Reflection Function – Explanation and Examples

A reflection of a function is a type of transformation of the graph of a function. The reflection of a function can be over the x-axis or y-axis, or

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Extreme value theorem

Extreme Value Theorem – Explanation and Examples

The extreme value theorem states that a function has both a maximum and a minimum value in a closed interval $$ if it is continuous in $$. We are

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