Which Table Represents a Linear Function?

If in a given table of two quantities, an increase/decrease of one quantity results in a proportional increase/decrease in the other quantity, then the table represents a linear function.   If we are provided with a table with two variables “$x$” and “$y$” and for every value of “$x$” there is a specific corresponding value of […]

-90 Degree Rotation: A Detailed Explanation and Examples

The -90 degree rotation is the rotation of a figure or points at 90 degrees in a clockwise direction. Rotations are part of our life, and we see this phenomenon on daily basis. Some of the real-life examples of rotation are: Rotation of earth around its axis Rotation of car steering Rotation of characters in […]

Prime Polynomial: Detailed Explanation and Examples

A prime polynomial or irreducible polynomial is a type of polynomial with integer coefficients that cannot be factorized into polynomials of lower degree with integer coefficients. Engineers, designers and architects have to deal with complex calculations on a daily basis, and most of the calculations involve polynomials. Polynomials are used in predicting different economic models […]

y = x^2: A Detailed Explanation Plus Examples

The function $y = x^{2}$ is quadratic, and the graph of this function represents a parabola. In this topic, we will discuss a quadratic function and how we will properly draw the graph of this function. Is y=x^2 a Quadratic Equation? Yes, $y = x^{2}$ is a quadratic equation. A quadratic equation is an algebraic […]