What Is -b/2a and Why Is It Important in Math?

The expression -b/2a is based on the constants of a quadratic equation and allows us to identify the vertex of a parabola. If you’re looking for an article that helps you understand the –b/2a and the vertex form, you just reached the right one. This discussion covers everything you need to know about this expression […]

Factoring Quadratics Made Easy: Methods and Examples

Factoring quadratics is breaking down the factors of a quadratic expression, and since a quadratic expression is a polynomial of degree 2, then a quadratic polynomial has at most two real roots. In factoring a quadratic expression, we have to identify the two factors (of degree 1) that will give the initial quadratic expression when […]

Box Method for Factoring Trinomials: A Step-by-Step Guide

The box method is considered one of the easiest and most fun ways of factoring trinomials because it uses a box to factor a quadratic polynomial completely. You have to place the first and last terms of the quadratic expression in the box and perform the indicated steps to obtain the factors. In this guide, […]

Descartes Rule of Signs in Finding Roots of a Polynomial

The Descartes Rule of Signs is a technique used in polynomials to determine the number of positive and negative real roots. It makes use of the signs of the coefficients of the terms of the polynomial by counting the times of change in signs of the coefficients. This technique is important in locating the real […]

How To Find Square Root of 9/16: Examples and Explanation

The square root of 9/16 is $dfrac{3}{4}$. Solving the square root of a fraction can seem complex initially, but once you get the hang of it, it will be much easier. In mathematics, it is always convenient to divide complex problems into smaller parts before solving them. This guide will help you break down complex […]