Which Function Is Undefined for X = 0? – A Comprehensive Guide

Which Function is Undefined for x=0? The function f(x) = 1/x is undefined at x = 0 because 1/0​ is not a valid mathematical operation or generally, a function might be undefined at x = 0 is if that function involves division by xm because, as per the fundamental rules of arithmetic, division by zero […]

Elimination Method – Steps, Techniques, and Examples

The elimination method is an important technique widely used when we’re working with systems of linear equations. It is essential to add this to your toolkit of Algebra techniques to help you work with different word problems involving systems of linear equations. The elimination method allows us to solve a system of linear equations by […]

Direct Variation Equation – Definition, Formula, and Examples

The magic of mathematics unfolds as we delve into the fascinating world of direct variation equations. Often encountered in academic and real-world situations, this equation paints a vivid picture of relationships where one variable changes directly from another. It helps us explain phenomena like the speed of a car relating to the time it takes […]

Is 0 a Natural Number – A Beginner’s Guide

Is 0 a natural number, or does it stand apart from the counted set that begins with 1? This seemingly simple question invites a dive into the history of numbers, the evolution of mathematical thought, and the nuances of number theory. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the ages, exploring the […]

Rational Root Theorem – Explanation & Examples

Rational root theorem, also known as rational zero theorem or rational root test, states that the rational roots of a single-variable polynomial with integer coefficients are such that the leading coefficient of the polynomial is divisible by the denominator of the root and the constant term of the polynomial is divisible by the numerator of […]