Caltech vs MIT: Which One of These Universities Is Better?

Caltech vs MIT: Both the universities are a cut above the rest when it comes to research and development in science and technology. In this article, we will compare these two universities based on location, admission criteria, academic programs, fee structure, financial aid, student community, and various other factors. This article will help high school students […]

Inverse Variation – Explanation & Examples

Inverse variation means that a variable has an inverse relationship with another variable, i.e., the two quantities are inversely proportional or varies inversely to each other. Mathematically, it is defined by the relation $y = dfrac{c}{x}$, where $x$ and $y$ are two variables and $c$ is a constant. Two quantities $x$ and $y$ are said […]

Elimination Method – Steps, Techniques, and Examples

The elimination method is an important technique widely used when we’re working with systems of linear equations. It is essential to add this to your toolkit of Algebra techniques to help you work with different word problems involving systems of linear equations. The elimination method allows us to solve a system of linear equations by […]

Rational Root Theorem – Explanation & Examples

Rational root theorem, also known as rational zero theorem or rational root test, states that the rational roots of a single-variable polynomial with integer coefficients are such that the leading coefficient of the polynomial is divisible by the denominator of the root and the constant term of the polynomial is divisible by the numerator of […]

Inverse Function Theorem – Explanation & Examples

Inverse function theorem gives a sufficient condition for the existence of the inverse of a function around a certain point and also tells us how to find the derivative of the inverse function at that point. To understand the inverse function theorem, let us first recall what is a function and what is the inverse […]