Factorial but Addition – Definition, Applications, and Examples

Welcome to the world of “factorial but addition.” or “factorial by addition.” This concept may not be as mainstream as its multiplicative counterpart, but it opens up an intriguing and lesser-explored dimension of mathematical analysis. In this article, we dive deep into this notion, unraveling its definition, properties, and potential applications. Defining Factorial but Addition […]

Closed Under Addition – Property, Type of Numbers, and Examples

The phrase “closed under addition” is often mentioned when studying the properties and characteristics of different types of numbers. The closure property of addition highlights a special characteristic in rational numbers (among other groups of numbers). Knowing which set of numbers are closed under addition will also help in predicting the nature of complex quantities’ […]

Addition Method – Definition, Applications, and Examples

In the vast expanse of mathematical techniques, the addition method emerges as an elegant and intuitive strategy to solve simultaneous linear equations. This article delves deep into the intricacies of the addition method, unraveling its mechanics, applications, and the nuanced beauty that underpins this mathematical mainstay. Whether you’re a seasoned mathematician or a curious novice, […]

Real Number System – A Comprehensive Guide

In mathematics, few concepts possess the real number system‘s captivating power and profound significance. From the enchanting elegance of whole numbers to the mystifying infinitude of decimals, the real number system is the bedrock upon which mathematical analysis is built. While we may encounter real numbers daily, their true nature and remarkable properties often remain […]

Properties of Rational Exponents – Explanation and Examples

Consider a number “$x$”; if it is represented in the form $x^{dfrac{p}{q}}$, then we will say it is a rational exponent. Here, “$x$” is the base while $dfrac{p}{q}$ is the exponent, which we can apply rational exponents’ properties or expressions. Exponents are represented in the radical form and we can apply the properties of rational […]