Evaluating the Integral of 1/x

The process of integration is considered the reverse of taking the derivative of a function. We can look at integrals in such a way that the function being integrated is the function in its derivative form while the integral of that function is the original function. That is: begin{align*} int f(x)=F(x)+C end{align*} where begin{align*} dfrac{d}{dx} […]

arcsec Derivative – Definition, Properties, and Examples

This article aims to shed light on the arcsec derivative, exploring its fundamental properties, applications, and the inherent elegance it brings to mathematical analysis. So, let us embark on this mathematical journey and delve into the depths of the arcsec derivative to uncover its hidden treasures. Defining arcsec Derivative The arcsec derivative represents the rate […]

Uniform Continuity – Definition and Examples

This article aims to delve into the labyrinth of uniform continuity, illuminating its distinct attributes, elucidating its relevance in the world of mathematics, and demystifying its application in practical scenarios. Defining Uniform Continuity Uniform Contuinity is a property of a coreesponding mathematical function. In mathematical analysis, a function is said to be uniformly continuous if, […]

Complex Derivative: Detailed Explanation and Examples

A complex derivative is a derivative that tells us about the rate of change of a complex function. A complex function has two parts, one is a real component and the other is an imaginary component. Complex functions are mathematically represented as: $f(z) = u (x,y) + i v (x,y)$ Read moreFunction Operations – Explanation and […]

Integral of x^1.x^2: A Complete Guide

The integral of $x^{1}.x^{2}$ is basically the integration of $x^{3}$ and the integral of $x^{3}$ is $dfrac{x^{4}}{4} + c$, where the “c” is a constant. The integral of $x^{3}$ is mathematically written as $int x^{3}$. Integration is basically taking the antiderivative of a function, so in this case, we are taking the antiderivative of $x^{3}$. […]