A discounted amusement park ticket costs $12.95 less than the original price p. Write and solve an equation to find the original price.

This article aims to find the original price of the ticket, given the discounted price and discount. The article uses the definitions of the original price, discount, and discounted price. To calculate original price of a discounted or sale item, you need to know the sale price and discount percentage. The calculations involve a simple formula that divides […]

What does a 2:1 ratio mean?

This article aims to find the ratio between two numbers. The article uses the simple concept of ratio. In mathematics, a ratio shows how many times one number contains another. For example, if there are eight pears and six lemons in a bowl of fruit, then ratio of pears to lemons is eight to six (i.e. $8:6$, which corresponds to a ratio […]

Prove or disprove that the product of two irrational numbers is irrational.

The aim of this question is to understand deductive logic and the concept of irrational and rational numbers. A number (N) is said to be rational if it can be written in the form of a fraction such that the numerator and denominator both belong to a set of integers. Also it’s a necessary condition […]

Find the symmetric difference of {1, 3, 5} and {1, 2, 3}.

This article aims to find the symmetric difference between two sets. The article uses the definition of symmetric difference. Suppose there are two sets, A and B. The symmetric difference between the two sets A and B is the set that contains the elements present in both sets except the common elements. A symmetric difference between two […]

Fill in each blank so that the resulting statement is true.

“After performing polynomial long division, the answer may be checked by multiplying ____ by the ____ and then adding the ____. You should obtain the ____.” This article aims to fill the blanks in the sentence. The article uses the concept of long division by the polynomial. A long division polynomial is an algorithm for dividing a […]