A hurricane wind blows across a $6.00 \,m\times 15.0\, m$ flat roof at a speed of $130\, km/h$. Is the air pressure above the roof higher or lower than the pressure inside the house? Explain.

What is the pressure difference? How much force is exerted on the roof? If the roof cannot withstand this much force, will it “blow in” or “blow out?” The main objective of this problem is to determine the air pressure, pressure difference, and the force exerted by hurricane wind on the roof. Bernoulli’s equation is being […]

At a certain college, $6\%$ of all students come from outside the United States. Incoming students there are assigned at random to freshman dorms, where students live in residential clusters of $40$ freshmen sharing a common lounge area.

How many international students would you expect to find in a typical cluster? With what standard deviation? This question aims to find the expected number of international students in a typical cluster along with their standard deviation. Take into consideration what a random variable is: a collection of numerical values resulting from a random process. […]