Find all polar coordinates of point p = (6, 31°).

This question aims to find the polar coordinates of a point P that is equal to (6, 31°). P is a point on the xy plane. x and y axis are known as the polar axis, while the origin of the xy plane is called the pole. The point P is represented in the form […]

Line AB contains points A(4, 5) and B(9, 7). What is the slope of line AB?

The aim of this question is to understand and apply different forms of line. It also covers different parameters used in the linear equations such as slope and intercepts. According to two point form, an equation can be written in the following form: Read moreIdentify the surface whose equation is given. ρ=sinθsinØ[ dfrac{ y – […]

Find a Cartesian equation for the curve and identify it.

This problem aims to find the cartesian equation for the curve and after that identify the curve. To better understand the problem, you should be familiar with cartesian coordinate systems, polar coordinates, and conversion from polar to cartesian coordinates. A two-dimensional coordinate system in which a point on a plane is determined by a distance […]