Determine if the columns of the matrix form a linearly independent set. Justify each answer.

(begin{bmatrix}1&4&-3&0\-2&-7&4&1\-4&-5&7&5end{bmatrix}) The main objective of this question is to determine whether the columns of the given matrix form a linearly independent or dependent set. If the non-trivial linear combination of vectors equals zero, then the set of vectors is said to be linearly dependent. The vectors are said to be linearly independent if there is […]

Determine the head of the vector whose tail is given. Make a sketch.

– Given vector [ left[begin{matrix}-2\5\end{matrix}right] ] – Tail of the vector is $( -3, 2) $ [ left[begin{matrix}-3\2\end{matrix}right] ] In this question, we have to find the head of the vector when the vector and its tail are given. The basic concept behind this question is the knowledge of vectors, subtraction addition, and multiplication of […]