Classify the statement as an example of classical probability, empirical probability, or subjective probability. The probability that a newborn baby is a boy is 1/2.

This article aims to determine the category of a given statement and whether the given statement is an example of empirical, classical, or subjective probability. This article uses the concept of three types of probabilities. Classical probability Classical probability can only be used if a finite number of possibilities have the same probability. As such, it isn’t easy to […]

How many subsets with an odd number of elements does a set with 10 elements have?

This question aims to find out how many combinations of a set with ten elements could be made. We need to build our understanding of a basic concept of combination for that purpose.  Moreover, this question is based on the concepts of statistics. A set is a well-defined collection of different things which may include […]

If X is a normal random variable with parameters µ=10 and σ^2=26 , compute P[X<20]

This article aims to solve a normal random variable X with $ mu = 10$ and $ sigma ^ {2} = 36$. This article uses the normal random variable concept. Like the standard normal distribution, all normal distributions are unimodal and symmetrically distributed with a bell-shaped curve. However, the normal distribution can take any value as its mean and standard deviation. Mean and standard deviation are […]