A statistic is an unbiased estimator of a parameter. Select the best answer.

This question aims to select the best answer from the given statements provided that the statistic is the unbiased parameter estimator. We have to check whether a statistic is calculated from a random sample or the value of the statistic is equal to the value of the parameter in a single sample. If a statistic […]

Find the critical value z a/2 that corresponds to a 93% confidence level.

This question belongs to the statistics domain and aims to understand the alpha level, confidence level, z-critical values, the term $z_{alpha /2}$ and further explains how to calculate these parameters. The alpha level or significance level is the probability of producing a false decision when the null hypothesis is correct. Alpha levels are employed in […]

Data that is words only and cannot be ranked

It’s called categorical, or nominal data. Is this statement TRUE or FALSE? The aim of this problem is to familiarize us with the concepts of variables that can be measured and can assume distinct values and can have different qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Variables are categorized into two categories: categorical and numeric. Each category is […]