Find the area of the region that lies inside both curves.

$r^{2}=50sin(2theta),: r=5$ The article aims to find the region’s area under the given curves. Area under the curve is calculated by various methods, the most popular of which is the antiderivative method of finding the area. Read moreChoose the point on the terminal side of -210°.Area under a curve can be found by knowing the […]

Choose the point on the terminal side of -210°.

(1, $sqrt{3}$) (2, 4) (-$sqrt{3}$, 3) The question aims to find the point on the cartesian plane of a given angle on the terminal side. The question is based on the concept of trigonometric ratios. Trigonometry deals with a right-angle triangle, its sides, and angle with its base. Expert Answer Read moreFind the area of […]