After the reaction, how much octane is left?

The chemical equation for the reaction is given below: [ C_8H_{18} + 25/2 O_2 rightarrow 8CO_2 + 9H_2O ] In this reaction, 0.430 moles of octane react with 0.890 moles of oxygen. The question aims to find the moles of octane left after the said reaction takes place. Octane is a hydrocarbon whose chemical formula […]

Aqueous Iodide ion is oxidized to i2(s) by hg22+(aq).

This question aims to find the balanced equation and standard emf with the value of G and equilibrium constant K of the given reactions. The quotient of the concentration of products and the concentration of reactants is expressed by equilibrium constant K while $Delta G°$ represents the free energy during the reaction. $Delta G°$ and […]

Which one of the following species has as many electrons as it has neutrons?

– Select the correct answer from the following options: – $(a) ^{14}C$ – $(b) ^{14}C^{2+}$ – $(c) ^{40}{rm Ca}^{2+}$ – $(d) ^1H$ – $(e) ^{19}F^-$ The aim of this article is to find the element in which the number of electrons is the same as the number of neutrons. The basic concept behind this article […]

Calculate the ratio of effusion rates for Ar and Kr.

This question is from the chemistry domain and aims to explain the basic concepts related to the periodic table, Molar masses, the ratio of effusion rates, and Graham law to determine the effusion rate. In the periodic table, the chemicals are displayed in a tabular manner. The periodic table sometimes is also named the periodic […]

How many hydrogen atoms are in 35.0 grams of hydrogen gas?

The aim of this question is to find the number of hydrogen atoms present in 35 grams of hydrogen gas. A molecule is made up of a number of atoms. In order to find out the number of hydrogen atoms in 35 g of hydrogen gas, the given mass of the gas is used to […]

The constant-pressure heat capacity of a sample of a perfect gas was found to vary with temperature according to the expression. Calculate q, w H and U when the temperature is raised from 25 degree to 100 degree.

– The pressure is constant. – The volume is constant. The main objective of this question is to find the work and change in enthalpy at constant pressure and constant volume. This question uses the concept of enthalpy and the first law of thermodynamics. Enthalpy is a measure of thermodynamics that corresponds to a system’s […]

Enter the solubility-product expression for Al(OH)3 (s)

This question aims to develop the understanding of solubility product $ k_{ sp } $ which is related to the solubility reactions and proportions. To solve this question, we may use a four-step process. Step (1) – Molar mass estimation of the subject compound employing its chemical formula. Step (2) – Mass (in grams) estimation […]

How many atoms are in 1.75 mol CHCl3?

The goal of this question is to determine the number of atoms in $1.75,mol$ $CHCl_3$. An atom is the smallest unit in which matter can be divided without releasing electrically charged particles possessing distinctive chemical element properties. A significant proportion of the atom is an empty space. The rest of the structure is made up […]

A piece of sodium metal reacts completely with water is given below. The hydrogen gas generated is collected over water at 25.0 degree C. The volume of the gas is 246 mL measured at 1.00 atm. Calculate the number of grams of sodium used in the reaction. (Vapor pressure of water at 25 degree C=0.0313 atm.)

The reaction is given as follows: [2Na(s) +2H_{2}O Rightarrow 2NaOH(aq) +H_{2}(g)] This article aims to determine the mass of sodium used in the given reaction. The article uses the concept of finding the number of moles and then mass from the number of moles. Ideal gas law is used to determine the number of moles of gas. Ideal […]

A gas mixture contains 75.2% nitrogen and 24.8% krypton by mass.

If the total pressure of the mixture is 745mmHg, calculate the partial pressure acting on the krypton in that given mixture. This question aims to find the partial pressure exerted by an individual component of a gaseous mixture. The basic concept behind this article on Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure states that the total pressure […]

If the ethyl benzoate used to prepare triphenylmethanol is wet, what by product is formed?

This problem aims to familiarize us with the preparation of triphenylmethanol, which is used for numerous purposes in the laboratory for testing and preparing various dyes and intermediate products. For this problem, everything roles around the core concepts of chemical reactions, products, and their preparation. Now, Triphenylmethanol is basically an organic compound. Organic compounds are those […]

Calculate the Molar Solubility of Ni(OH)2 when Buffered at ph=8.0

This question aims to find the molar solubility of Ni(OH)_2 when buffered at ph=8.0. The pH of a solution determines whether a solution is basic or acidic. pH is measured by a pH scale which ranges from 0-14. A solution giving a pH reading of 7 is considered neutral, whereas a solution giving a pH […]

A 2.4 m aqueous solution of an ionic compound with the formula MX2 has a boiling point of 103.4 C. Calculate the Van’t Hoff factor (i) for MX2 at this concentration.

The aim of this problem is to familiarize us with the calculation of the concentration of an aqueous solution. The concept required to solve this problem is related to molar concentrations, Van’t Hoff factor, and abnormal molar masses. According to Van’t Hoff’s law, a rise in temperature will result in an expansion in the rate […]

How many hydrogen atoms are in $35.0$ grams of hydrogen gas?

In order to understand the quantity of atoms in a given mass of element, we need to understand the concept of Mole. $Mole$ is defined as the mass of substance which can be an atom, molecule, electron, ion or any other particle or group of particles having $6.022times{10}^{23}$  elementary entities which is known as $Avogadro’s$ […]