Prove that if m and n are integers and m x n is even, then m is even or n is even.

This problem aims to familiarize us with the method of poof. The concept required to solve this problem is related to discrete mathematics, including direct proof or proof by contradiction, and proof by contrapositive. There are multiple methods to write a proof, but here we are going to see only two methods, proof by contradiction […]

Find the critical value z a/2 that corresponds to a 93% confidence level.

This question belongs to the statistics domain and aims to understand the alpha level, confidence level, z-critical values, the term $z_{alpha /2}$ and further explains how to calculate these parameters. The alpha level or significance level is the probability of producing a false decision when the null hypothesis is correct. Alpha levels are employed in […]

Calculate net price factor and net price.

– Dollars list price – $435.20$$ – Trade discount rate – $26%$, $15%$,and $5%$ The aim of this article is to find the net price factors from the given trade discount rate and use them to find the net price. The basic concept behind this article is the understanding of Item List Price, Trade Discount, […]

Use the row of numbers shown below to generate 12 random numbers between 01 and 99. 78038 18022 84755 23146 12720 70910 49732 79606 Starting at the beginning of the row, what are the first 12 numbers between 01 and 99 in the sample?

This problem aims to find a bunch of random numbers from a row of numerical values. The main concept behind this problem is mostly related to random numbers and their generation. Now as the phrase suggests, a random number is just a number chosen by luck. In a random number distribution, all the numbers have […]

The two intervals (114.4, 115.6) is confidence interval for mean value defined as true average resonance frequency (in hertz) for all tennis rackets of a certain type. What is the value of the sample mean resonance frequency?

This question aims to develop key concepts regarding the confidence intervals and the sample means which are the fundamental concepts when it comes to the application of statistics in practice, especially in data science and project management, etc. By definition, a confidence interval is basically a range of values. This range is centered on the […]

Look at the normal curve below, and find μ, μ+σ, and σ.

The aim of this question is to analyze the bell curve. The given curve is a perfect bell shape because, from the mean, the values are the same on both sides, i.e., on the left and right. This question is related to the concepts of mathematics. Here, we have to calculate three basic parameters: mean μ, […]

A simple random sample size of 100 is selected from a population with p= 0.40. What is the expected value of p? What is the standard error of p? Show the sampling distribution of p? What does the sampling distribution of p show?

This article discusses the sample mean, standard error, and the sampling distribution of p, the random sample with a size of 100. This article uses the concept of sample mean and standard error. The sample mean is defined as the average of a set of data. Standard error is how different the population mean is from the sample mean. […]

A mail-order company advertises that it ships 90% of its orders within three working days. You select an SRS of 100 of the 5000 orders received in the past week for an audit. The audit reveals that 86 of these orders were shipped on time. If the company really ships 90% of its orders on time, what is the probability that the proportion in an SRS of 100 orders is 0.86 or less?

This question widely explains the concept of the sampling distribution of sample proportions. The population proportion plays an important role in many areas of science. This is because research questionnaires in many fields involve this parameter. The success proportion is calculated by the sampling distribution of sample proportions. It is the ratio of the chance […]

Let x represent the difference between the number of heads and the number of tails obtained when a coin is tossed n times. What are the possible values of X?

The aim of this question is to understand the key concept of a random variable using the coin toss experiment which is the most basic binomial (experiment with two possible outcomes) experiment performed in probability theory. A random variable is nothing but a mathematical formula used to describe the outcome of statistical experiments. For example, […]