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Mathematics tells a story that so few other things can tell – you can clearly trace its history throughout different civilizations, major world events, progress, war, and more. It is technical, artistic, challenging, and comforting to so many. The Story of Mathematics is the story of the world.

Even as math is similar, there are differences. It can be how one civilization used math or how they came to understand a constant. It may be how they approached math or what they believed in – or it could be something else altogether. Every era is colored with stories about mathematicians, scientists, and doctors that used math to help or hinder others.

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The Story of Mathematics is, simply put, the story of human nature and evolution. Our aim is to tell that story, the good and the bad, the mysterious and practical. It is number theory, addition, fraction, subtraction, algebra, astronomy, geometry, anatomy, analysis (calculus), subtraction, mathematical logic and so much more – math is everything. Even if you don’t think you use it, you do.

  • When you look at reports for sales, you are using math.
  • When you pay for something at the grocery store, you are using math.
  • When you go to the gym, you are using math.
  • When you look at your gas gauge and estimate how many miles you have left, you are using math.
  • When you look in your bank account, you are using math.

Mathematics is about more than just numbers. It includes logic, science, medicine, building, sports, geography, literature, nature, art, video games, cooking and so much more. Everything is made up of numbers and formulas. Learning about mathematics is more than just memorizing equations or what something means. It is about drawing conclusions that can save lives. The Story Of Mathematics is a complicated one, a beautiful one, and an interesting one. Here, we try to break down how math has contributed to society, where it will take us, and how we can use it for good.

Who Are We?

We are mathematicians, storytellers, teachers, scientists, and experts in mathematics. We seek to make connections between numbers and humans. Our work aims to unveil the secrets of the universe while sticking to the facts.

We’ve loved math from simple addition to calculus, physics to long division. As with anything you love, we want to share this with you, whether you are looking for answers to questions you’ve always had, your homework, a report, or you are naturally curious. We enjoy explaining complicated problems. If there is something we don’t have answers for, we do our research to find them – and we are constantly learning. New math and histories emerge all the time, so constantly update our archives.

Some of us are experts (they studied at Michigan State University, University of ColoradoBoulder , and University of Minnesota) others are hobbyists that just enjoy learning about history or playing with numbers. We enjoy learning about the contributions of Romans and the work of Gödel.

Simply put, we are lifelong learners who are interested in the contributions of mathematics and how it shapes the world we live in – and we invite you along for the ride.

With more than 25 years of experience in the mathematical field, I pride myself on being knowledgeable in multiple facets of this ever-growing topic. My aim is to share the passion I have for the world of mathematics and I hope to influence more people to appreciate the field of numbers and formulas.

I understand how difficult it is to create an all-encompassing website for mathematics, but piece by piece, we can try to achieve this feat. With this in mind, I implore you to join me as we explore and discover more of the wonderful world of mathematics!

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What Do We Offer?

In addition to explanations of the contributions of major (and minor) civilizations, we have sections for students of all levels. We can explain the basics of how certain areas of math work, or go deeper to help you understand the why of it all. We have biographies of the movers and shakers in math and opinion pieces about controversial topics.

You may be interested in the chronological timeline that brings you back in time to see how some of the greatest mathematical minds thought. Or you can get explanations for why we use certain numbers as constants. If you are looking for anything related to math, chances are we have it.

You can use the menu at the top to navigate through different sections of the website or use the search feature.

We Want to Talk

Of all the branches of education, math always seems to be the most solitary, but we want to bridge that gap. Studying and discussing mathematical movements, terms, and progress can help us to better understand not only the numbers we use, but the world around us. It will show us why one civilization was successful and why another fell. The individuals who shaped the mathematics world can help us to understand what gets taught in schools and what is overlooked. By understanding math, we can better understand the world. By talking about it, we can make sense of where we live now.

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Math is the backbone of everything that we hold dear – the internet to vaccines, driving cars to singing songs. Everything is rooted back to numbers, patterns, equations, and formulas. We become more aware of its importance the more we learn.

Please Contact Us

Do you love math? Do you have a question that needs answering? Do you want to add something to a discussion? We would love to hear from you. The more you can contribute, the more we will talk about it and discuss it. Do we have something wrong? Then we’d really love to hear from you!

No matter what you have, a question, comment, submission, topic, problem, or nitpick – we want to hear from you. Don’t be shy! Our goal is to open up discussions and debates so that we can hear from different perspectives, cultures, and ages. Whether you are still in school or you’ve studied mathematics for 60 years, you have a place here. The more ideas we have, the better.

Please feel free to send us an email or leave a comment anytime.