Determine whether each of these functions is a bijection from R to R.

$f(x)= −3x+4$ $f(x)= −3(x)^2+7 $ $f(x)= dfrac{x+1}{x+2}$ $f(x)= (x)^5 + 1$ This question aims to find which of the above-mentioned functions is a bijection from R to R. A bijection is also known as a bijective function or one-to-one correspondence. A function is called a bijective function if it fulfills the conditions of both the […]

Find two sets A and B such that A ∈ B and A ⊆ B.

In this question, we have to find two Sets that fulfill the given condition in the question statement which are $ A in B $ and also $ Asubseteq B $ The basic concept behind this question is the understanding of Sets, Subsets, and Elements in a Set. In mathematics, a subset of a Set […]