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About, created in 2002, has grown to be one of the best and most complete math news blog websites, with topics ranging from popular mathematics concepts to power tools for online mathematics processes. The purpose of this website has always been to provide a place for learning and discussion about mathematics and everything that goes with it, and Storyofmathematics is dedicated to continuing and contributing to this vision.

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The story of mathematics makes it a priority to provide comprehensive and expert content that is able to educate everyone, whether a beginner or a seasoned math whiz.
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“Mathforge has always been the leading math resource not only for us but for a lot of other people over the years. During the days when important information, especially about math topics, was not as easy to find, this website has proven to be a pioneer of its time. This acquisition has been a long time coming, and we are all very excited to be able to continue the legacy that Mathforge has painstakingly built up and created. Rest assured that our purpose remains steadfast and consistent: to provide meaningful content that will help you learn and grow in the art of mathematics.”