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The Body Type Calculator is a helpful tool for quickly determining the important characteristics of a human body. The calculator takes some basic details of the body height, weight, etc.

This calculator displays a piece of detailed information about different kinds of body masses, body fluids, and essential organ properties.

body type calculator

What Is a Body Type Calculator?

A Body Type Calculator is an online calculator that is specifically designed to find useful information about a person’s body based on age, gender, mass, and height.

Health is the most significant element of our life. To maintain health one needs to be updated about the state of the body. There are certain parameters that evaluate the status of health.

For a single parameter, you need to perform a number of calculations. Also, you should have knowledge of biological concepts for each of them. But the Body Type Calculator is an all-in-one calculator that gives you comprehensive body information.

It is an extremely useful tool for doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers, and every person that cares about his health. It is entirely free and may be accessed endlessly using your browser.

How To Use the Body Type Calculator?

You can use the Body Type Calculator by entering the required four parameters in their respective fields. The calculator needs the age, gender, mass, and height of the person. 

For each input, there is a labeled box. The detailed instructions on the use of the calculator are given below.

Step 1

Enter the age of the person in the first box and select the gender of the person in the second box.

Step 2

Then insert the weight of the person. It only accepts values in pounds. It is a unit of weight and its symbol is ‘lbs.

Step 3

Now enter the height of the person. As height is measured in feet and inches collectively, therefore it has boxes for both of them.

Step 4

Click the Submit button to start the computations.


The first section gives the BMI, different body masses, ideal weight, and body surface area. The calculator gives extra information about each of them in brackets by comparing them with standards.

The next section provides the number of various body fluids present in the body. The final section gives the properties of three essential organs that include the lungs, heart, and brain.

How Does the Body Type Calculator Work?

The body type calculator works by determining the body characteristics, body fluids, and typical organ properties. This calculator is based on four basic measurements of the body that are age, sex, weight, and height.

These four measurements should be provided as input and as a result, the calculator displays the required information. An understanding of the body’s properties is essential to using this calculator to avoid any health risks.

What Is the Body Mass Index?

The body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat that uses a person’s height and weight. It uses an equation that divides a person’s weight and height to calculate the estimated body fat.

BMI is used to find out whether a person is a healthy weight or unhealthy. A greater value of BMI indicates too much body fat whereas a low value indicates little body fat.

The high value of BMI leads to hazardous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gallstones, sleep apnea, and depression. A person with a high BMI should take measures to lower his BMI to avoid these health risks.

The BMI with a low value also results in bad health conditions that include bone loss, decreased immune function, anemia, malnutrition, and infertility.

The accuracy of BMI is helpful in determining the weight problems in children and adults but it also has limits. It exaggerates the measure of body fat in athletes or people having muscular bodies. It also underrates the body fat in older people.

There are different BMI ranges that are used to classify weight types:

  1. Less than 18.5 = Underweight
  2. 18.5 to 24.9 = Optimum range
  3. 25 to 29.9 = Overweight
  4. 30 to 34.9 = Class 1 obesity
  5. 35 to 39.9= Class 2 obesity
  6. Greater than 40= Class 3 obesity

The body fat mass is the weight of the fat in the body. It is essential to keep the body warm or secure the body organs. However, the fat mass should be in the optimum range since the surplus of this leads to health problems for instance type 2 diabetes or obesity.

The scarcity of fat mass is also not good for health because it causes loss of bone mass and osteoporosis. This calculator calculates the body fat mass that helps to keep the check of it.

If the percentage is too high then a person should do more workouts and take a healthy diet whereas if the fat mass is too low it means that there is a requirement for taking a balanced diet that includes fats and protein.

What is the Body Surface Area?

The body surface area (BSA) is the measure of the total surface area of a body used to determine the quantity of fluid and the drug dosage.

BSA has many important applications in medical sciences. It applies to the diagnosis of chronic disorders that result in loose pigments in patches of skin. It also predicts the mortality rate in patients that have chronic heart failure.

The optimum BSA is 1.7$m^2$ however it also depends on the age and gender of a person. The body type calculator calculates the BSA following the Mosteller formula by taking the square root of the product of weight and height divided by 3600.

The body characteristics are fully explained above, now we will discuss the body fluids since this calculator also provides the information regarding body fluids and the most important one is body water.

What Is Body Water?

The body water is the quantity of water content contained in the human body. The human body carries 60 percent of the water. 

Water is an essential element of the person’s body because it assists to carry oxygen and nutrients, regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, and protecting organs and tissues.

A full-grown man contains 60 percent of the water whereas an adult woman has 55 percent of the water in her body. The ideal percentage of the water body depends on several factors such as aging, hormones, and body composition.

A better measurement of ideal body water is determined by the ratio of extracellular water to the total body water. The total body water is divided into two types that are extracellular water and intracellular water.

This calculator determines the total body water along with both types.

Extracellular Water

The water that is present outside the body cells is known as extracellular water. This water is located in the blood, interstitial fluid, transcellular fluid, and blood plasma.

Extracellular water is essential since it manages the motion of electrolytes, permits oxygen delivery to the cells, and removes the waste products from the metabolic process.

Intracellular Water

Intracellular water prevails inside the body cells and consists of 70 percent of cytosol. This kind of water is important because it transports the molecules to the different organelles in the cells. It comprises 2/3 of total body water.

The other body fluids that are determined by the body type calculator are whole blood, blood plasma, and red blood cells.

Solved Examples

Example 1

Frank is a national athlete. He is 23 years old with a height of 5.8 feet and his weight is around 67 kg. He wants to know his BMI and body characteristics to maintain his health for the upcoming national games.


The calculator gives the following information about Frank’s body.

Body Characteristics

The characteristic of the body is given in Table 1.

body type example 1 charactertistcs

Table 1

Body Fluids

The details of body fluid are shown in Table 2.

body type example 1 fluids

Table 2

Organ Properties

Table 3 shows the properties of the important organs of the body.

body type example 1 organ properties

Table 3

Example 2

A nutritionist wants to know the complete information about the body and the organs of a female patient to prepare a healthy diet plan for her. The details of the patient are given below.

Age = 17 years, Height = 5.3 feet, Weight = 48 kg


According to the calculator, the patient’s details are given below.

Body Characteristics

body type example 2 charactertistcs

Table 4

Body Fluids

body type example 2 fluids

Table 5

Organ Properties

body type example 2 organ properties

Table 6

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