PKa to PH Converter Calculator + Online Solver With Free Steps

The pKa to pH converter calculator is an online tool that can find the pH of a liquid solution using the pKa value and concentration. The calculator takes pKa and concentration as input. The calculator gives the exact pH of the chemical.

pka to ph converter calculator

What Is the pKa to pH Converter Calculator?

The pKa to pH converter calculator is an online tool that can quickly find the pH of acid using the pKa value and concentration.

pH is an essential factor in chemistry, biology, and other sciences. pH is practically measured using a pH meter. Its values are also indicated using litmus paper or other chemical indicators.

pH value as many practical applications. Its usage in the field of agriculture is worth mentioning. The pH of the soil decides the suitability of soil for the crops. If the soil is more acidic, it is usually considered infertile soil for crops.

Once farmers know the soil is acidic, they neutralize it using lime before growing crops. In this way, a lot of energy and crops are kept safe and proper crops are produced with the help of a pH scale.

To calculate the theoretical value of pH in a lab, the pKa value is used. This calculation is done using the Henderson-Hasselbalch formula. This formula contains logarithmic calculations, which might be time taking and complex.

No doubt these calculations can be solved by hand, but you can solve them using a pKa to pH converter calculator at the speed of knots. It can solve and find the pH value for any chemical by providing you with the exact pH value.

Unlike other online tools, this calculator is free for all as you don’t need to buy a subscription. It can work on any suitable web browser, and there is no requirement for prior installation and downloading; it’s a ready-to-use toolIf you have an internet connection, you can use this tool at any time at any placeThere is no limit to using this calculator; you can use it as many times as you want. 

This calculator is much more reliable and efficient as it provides you with the most accurate and precise solutions. Its user interface is also designed to be super user-friendly; anyone can use it and move around it.

In the following sections, you will find the back-end working of this calculator and the procedure to use the tool. Also, for the user’s knowledge, we have briefly described the terms related to this calculator.

How To Use the pKa to pH Converter Calculator?

You can use the pKa to pH converter by entering the required values and pressing a button. After entering the values, press the button, and the calculator performs the rest of the processing to provide you with a perfect solution.

The interface of the calculator is straightforward to understand. There are only two input boxes that have been appropriately labeled. Once you have entered the values, you are ready to get the results.

Follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below to use the calculator properly.

Step 1

Enter the pKa value in the first box labeled as pKa =. Then enter the concentration in the second box labeled as concentration =.

Step 2

Now, to obtain the final answer, press the Find pH button.


The calculator gives the exact pH value as a result. Once you click the Find pH button, the calculator starts calculating the pH and shows you the final output in a fraction of a second.

How Does the pKa to pH Converter Calculator Work?

The pKa to pH converter calculator works by finding the pH of the liquid solution using the pKa value and the concentration. To understand the proper working of this calculator, you should know some basics about pH and pKa. 

Formula of pH

The formula definition of pH is the negative log base 10 of the hydronium concentration. Here is the formula:

pH = -log([H⁺])

What is pKa?

pKa is the negative log base 10 of any solution’s acid dissociation constant(Ka). The substance’s acidity is inversely proportional to the pKa of the solution; the lower the pKa, the more potent the acid.

The formula for the pKa is given as:

pKa = -log₁₀Ka

Converting pKa to pH

pKa is converted into pH using the Henderson-Hasselbalch formula. It is given as:

pH = pKa + log([A]/[HA])


pH = -log₁₀(H)

Ka is  Acid dissociation constant

[HA]  is the Concentration of the acid

[A⁻] the Concentration of conjugate base

pKa = -log₁₀(Ka)

The pKa to pH converter calculator uses the same formula for calculation.

Solved Example

Let’s solve an example to understand this calculator.

Example 1

pKa of an acid is 4.75 and 0.1 concentrated in a solution. Find the pH of this solution.



pH = pKa + log([A]/[HA])


The calculator uses this formula to get the solution:

pH = 4.75 + log10 (0.1) = 4.75 + (−1) = 3.75

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