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The Time Duration Calculator is an online free widget that allows you to calculate the duration of an event. Duration means the difference in the time of an event from its starting point to its endpoint.

The calculator returns the period in the form of days, hours, and minutes according to the input provided.

time duration calculator

What Is the Time Duration Calculator?

The Time Duration Calculator is an online calculator that finds the duration of an event provided that information regarding the start and end time is given.

Time holds great importance in our life. It helps to properly organize our tasks in daily life. Every project has a deadline that the project’s employers must meet. Therefore it is necessary to keep a record of the project’s duration.

Generally, the record is maintained using software like excel. It is difficult to deal with such software as you have to apply formulas or techniques to correctly maintain the record.

Therefore, we offer you this simple Time Duration Calculator that quickly calculates the time difference between two-time instances. It gives the exact time in hours and minutes.

It is an efficient tool for employees, event managers, and workers who want to calculate the project period and manage their tasks accordingly. Weather forecasters can use it to calculate the duration of a storm or solar eclipse.

The results of this tool are 100% accurate, making it reliable. Moreover, it is entirely free and can be used infinite times. This calculator operates in your browser without installation.

In the next sections, you will discover the procedure of using this tool and the working mechanism, which describes how the calculator finds the time duration.

How To Use the Time Duration Calculator?

You can use the Time Duration Calculator by providing the date and time for the starting point and endpoint of the event in the mentioned boxes. The date is given to the calculator as many events can be of more than one day, like some festival week.

It is a straightforward tool, meaning anyone who wants to use this calculator doesn’t need specific skills. The interface of the calculator is self-explanatory.

You can provide the time zone as input, along with the time and date. It can calculate the time duration of an event for any zone. If the zone is not provided, it takes the time zone according to your location.

To use the calculator, follow the given step-by-step instructions given below.

Step 1

Enter the starting time in the ‘Incident Discovery Time’ field. First, enter the date in the form of months, days, and years. Then enter time in form of hours and minutes. Provide the time zone if necessary.

Step 2

Insert the time at which the event was completed in the ‘Incident Resolution Time.’ The way of entering the time is the same as explained in the previous step.

Step 3

In the end, submit the input to the calculator by clicking the respective button.


The result of this calculator consists of two windows. The first is the input information which provides the user a chance to verify the values of the input. It clears ambiguity and avoids errors in the final result.

Then it gives the amount of time spent on the event appropriately. If the event starts and ends on the same day, the result is given in the form of hours and minutes. If the given event is longer than a day, the result is displayed in days and hours.

How Does the Time Duration Calculator Work?

The time duration calculator works by calculating the duration of the specified event; accepting the event discovery time and resolution time with the day, month, and year of that particular event.

The time duration is determined by taking the difference between the discovery time of the event and its resolution time, and as a result, it gives the time duration in full years, months, days, hours, and minutes.

The understanding of this calculator will be cleared when there is knowledge about the following concepts.

What Is Time?

Time is the measured duration in which an action, event, or sequence happens or continues. Three dimensions in the world can be measured; however, time is the fourth dimension.

It provides severance of the processes and determined the cause and effect of particular events. This calculator determines the difference in time in a similar inertial frame of reference hence it provides good results.

Incident Discovery and Resolution Time

The incident discovery is the time when that incident occurred. It is the beginning time of some action. The resolution time is the time between the incident’s start and its termination.

The time duration is different for different types of events. There are two types of events that are Fast events and Slow events. The events that are complete in a short time period and don’t need to use resources are called Fast events, whereas Slow events consume resources and take a longer duration for their execution. It applies the use of the controller to begin and terminate processes.

Calculating the Time Duration

The time duration represents the amount of time within the selected period. The time duration calculator follows the following steps to calculate the event duration.

Convert Time Into a 24-Hour Format

The first step for finding the time duration of any event is to change the Format of the incident discovery time and resolution time to a 24-hour format. There is no need to follow this step if the event time is before noon.

However, if the time is after noon, such as 3 pm, then convert the Format by removing the ‘pm‘ and adding 12 hours to that time. For instance, 3 pm is equivalent to 15 hours in a 24-hour Format.

The second step is to write the time along with its day, month, and year in the mm/dd/yy Format for both event discovery time and resolution time.

Subtract Both Times

The final step is to differentiate between incident discovery time and resolution time. This gives the duration of elapsed time along with the covered date, month, and year.

Different Forms of Time

Knowledge of various time forms is essential for calculating the period and properly using this calculator.

Digital time represents the time in digits, usually from 0 to 9. It is used in digital clocks or stopwatches.

Digital clocks are becoming popular nowadays because it is simple to read the time. There is no need to detect the hands of clocks to read the time; instead, it only requires looking at the digits.

Analog clocks show the time by moving parts of it. The quality of these clocks matters a lot because till today, analog clocks are considered as most expensive.

Radio-controlled clocks use atomic clocks. The radios inform the exact time due to these atomic clocks. If there is a requirement for a precise and accurate time duration, then the atomic clocks are the best in the business.

A simple clock or wristwatch displays only the estimated period for a specific event because it does not know the exact time. Hence these types of clocks can be considered time-counting devices only.

The radio-controlled clocks are time-keeping devices because it shows the accurate time that is decided upon a worldwide time known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

These clocks modify themselves through the received radio signals by the broadcasters.

The Internet time is based on the idea of decimal time launched by the Swiss company “Swatch.” Internet time applies .beats to show the time in place of hours and minutes. One .beat is equal to 1 minute and 26.4 seconds.

Internet appointments with people worldwide are no more difficult task through the internet time because there are no different time zones in this type of time. People around the globe do not need to determine the time of different countries.

Solved Examples

Some problems solved using the calculator are given below. These problems are for reference to understand the back science of the calculator. 

Example 1

In the eastern zone, a solar eclipse occurred from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. The meteorologist wants to know the total time duration of the eclipse which will help them to study and make future predictions for the zone.


The calculator provides the following solution.

Input Interpretation

The values for time and date inserted in the calculator are given below.

12:00 pm EST | Saturday, August 21, 2022

to 1:30 pm EST | Saturday, August 21, 2022


 The total time of the eclipse is given as follows:

1 hour 30 minutes

Example 2

Josh started a project with a company on May 4 at 08:00 am and completed it on June 2 at 12:00 pm. He is interested to know the time spent on the project because the salary is based on the period of the project.


The time duration can be calculated by inputting the project’s incident discovery and resolution time.

Input Interpretation

8:00 am EST | Wednesday, May 4, 2022

to 12:00 pm EST | Thursday, June 2, 2022


Josh will be paid a salary for 29 days.

29 days, 4 hours

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