What Is 10 Percent of 11500 + Solution With Free Steps

What Is 10 Percent Of 11500

1150 is equivalent to 10 percent of 11500. This outcome is achieved when 11500 is multiplied by the fraction 0.1. 

An understanding of percentages proves highly beneficial in daily life circumstances. For example, consider a scenario where you want to buy a car for yourself. The manager tells you that if you buy the car immediately, it will cost you £11500. However, if you book the car and wait for a few months, the price of the car will be reduced by 10%. Hence, if you have the knowledge of percentages and how to apply them in real life you will get the car for only £1150.

This method can prove helpful in many such situations. A detailed solution to percentage problems is given in the following paragraphs.

What Is 10 Percent of 11500?

10 percent of 11500 results in 1150. When 10 is divided by 100, the answer is 0.1. This 0.1 is multiplied by 11500 to get 1150 as an answer.

The same result can be obtained by dividing 11500 by 100 and then multiplying the result by 10.

How To Calculate 10 Percent of 11500?

The 10 percent of 11500 can be calculated by following the below-mentioned steps:

Percent formula 10 percent of 11500 1

Step 1

10 percent of 11500 can be written in mathematical form as follows:

10 percent of 11500 = 10% × 11500

Step 2

The percentage sign is now changed to its fractional form:

10 percent of 11500 = 10/100 × 11500

Step 3

Rearrange the above equation:

10 percent of 11500 = 10× 11500/100 

Step 4

After the multiplication of 10 and 11500, the following equation is obtained:

10 percent of 11500 = 115000/100

Step 5

After the division of 115000 by 100, the equation becomes as follows:

10 percent of 11500 = 1150

So, the 10 percent of 11500 is 1150.

Step 7

The same procedure can be applied to various other kinds of percentage problems.

The 10 percent of 11500 is depicted in the figure below:

Pie Chart 10 of 11500

The overall area of the pie chart shows 100 percent of the value. The green area represents the 90 percent area while the orange portion represents the required 10 percent of 11500 which comes out to be 1150.

The percentage is a portion of the total hundred parts of a whole. The percentage of a number can vary from any number between 1 and 100.

All the Mathematical drawings/images are created using Geogebra.

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