What is 20 percent of 100 + Solution with Free Steps

20 percent of 100 comes to be 14. Multiply the factor 0.20 by 70 to get this answer

You may come across a situation where you could benefit from a normal computation. Imagine you gave a math exam, and now you want to know how many MCQ problems you have attempted correctly if you earned a grade of 20% on the maths test that had 100 problems. You must be familiar with the computation of 20% of 100, in order to figure out the if your results are good or bad. Considering our previous assumption, you only managed to get 20 MCQs correct out of 100 which sounds quite concerning. Nevertheless, the situation can be of numerous kinds and such problems can be useful in your daily routines.

To further explain the concepts and solution, an in-depth illustration is given below which will help you to understand how we calculate 20 percent of 100.

What is 20 percent of 100?

The 20 percent of 100 is equal to the number 20. To get this answer, just multiply the fraction 0.20 by the number 100.

The same answer can be achieved by taking the fraction 20/100 and multiplying it by 100. The final solution will come out to be 20 when you solve the equation.

How To Calculate 20 percent of 100?

The following steps are taken in finding the percent value of the given quantity:

Step 1

Firstly, describe 20 percent of 100 in terms of a mathematical phrase:

20 percent of 100 = 20% x 100

Step 2

We know that percentage sign % is equal to 1/100.

Use the above equation thus,

20 percent of 100 = (20 / 100) x 100

Step 3

Next, simplifying the above equation gives:

20 percent of 100 = (20 x 100) / 100

Step 4

Taking 10 as the common factor and eliminating it from the fraction:

20 percent of 100 = (2 x 100) / 10

Step 5

Upon further solving and simplifying the above equation we get the final answer:

20 percent of 100 = (2 x 10) = 20

Therefore, 20 percent of 100 is equivalent to 20.

The pie chart shown below can help you visualize what is 20 percent of 100.

Figure-1: Pie Chart for 20 Percent of 100

In the above diagram, the orange part shows 20% of 100. The circle is of 100 portions (highlighted in green) out of which 20 percent is emphasized. The green portion represents the remaining 80 parts of 100.

All the Mathematical drawings/images are created using GeoGebra.

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