What Is 20 Percent of 40 + Solution With Free Steps

What Is 20 Percent Of 40

The 20 percent of 40 is 8. We can get this answer by taking the product of 40 with the decimal value of 20%, which is 0.20. 

To better understand this example, let us suppose that Timmy had invited 4 of his friends on his birthday. Now everyone wanted an equal share of the cake. There were 5 children dividing the cake among them. So they each got a 20% share of the cake, and everyone got an equal share.

This article will determine how to find a percentage value of a number. This article will also explain the process extensively with graphical representations.

This article will determine how to find the proportions of a particular percent from its whole. The topic under discussion is to find 20 percent of 40.

What Is 20 Percent of 40?

The 20 percent of 40 is 8.

The portion of something is a representation, often expressed as an indicator that tells you how many items there are, about 100. The indicator is the percentage of that particular item. The percentage can also be defined as the number demonstrated as a fraction between 0 to 100. Let’s find out how to calculate the 20 percent of 40 in simple steps.

How To Calculate 20 % of 40?

You can find 20 percent of 40 by simple mathematical calculation and interventions.  The following mentioned are the detailed steps that must be followed for calculating the 20 percent of 40.


Step 1

Firstly, express 20 percent of 40 in terms of multiplication as:

20% x 40 

Step 2

The percentage sign % is equivalent to 1/100.

Manipulate the above equation accordingly.

= (20/100) x 40 

Step 3

Now solving and simplifying the above equation gives:

= (20 x 40) / 100

= (2 x 40) / 10

Multiplying 40 by 2 gives:

= 80 / 10

= 8

The following figure shows 20 percent of 40.


The orange region demonstrates that 20 percent of the whole. The total is 40 of which 20 percent has to be determined. The calculation shows that 20 percent of the 40 occupies 8 portions of 40. The green region in the figure represents the remaining portion of 40.

The percentage is the quicker and easier way to express quantities in terms of their total. IT departments have widely used this mathematical phenomenon in the business world and many more.

Therefore, 20 percent of 40 is equivalent to 8.

All the Mathematical drawings/images are created using GeoGebra.

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