What is 20 percent of 45 + Solution with free steps

What Is 20 Percent Of 45

The 20 percent of 45 is 9. It can be calculated by diving the given percentage by 100 and multiplying it with the given number which is a whole number. 

Any whole number or object always has a total of 100 portions. Percentage plays a big role in finding any portion of the whole object authentically. In this question, we have to find the 2oth portion of 45.

For example, if we consider that 45 burgers have to be distributed to the customers. These 45 burgers are available in only 2 flavors. 20 percent of the customers want cheeseburgers. Then, 9 cheeseburgers out of 45 burgers will be distributed to the customers.

The percentage is a useful method for calculating the parts of objects from a total of 100 parts. It finds its applications in statistics, banks and stock exchange, etc.

This article aims to find the 20 percent of 45 by using the percentage formulae.

What is 20 percent of 45?

The answer of 20 percent of 45 is 9 which means that the total number is 45 and its 20th portion is 9. There are a total of hundred portions of 45. We need to get this 20th portion from the hundred portions of 45. The next step is to find out the way to calculate the 20 percent of 45 by using simple steps.

The 20% of 45 can be calculated by using formulae of percentages. The formula of percentage is as follows:

Percentage of a number x total number = X 

Where X is the remaining number.

There are 4 steps to find the remaining number from the total number.

Percent formula 20 percent of 45

Step 1

By putting values in the formula:

20% x 45 = X 

Step 2

Removing the percentage symbol and dividing the number by a hundred because percent is equal to ” portions of hundred”

20/100 x 45 = X 

Step 3

Changing the fraction into a decimal form:

0.2 x 45 = X 

Step 4

9 = X 

The remaining number is 9. It means the 20 percent of 45 is 9.

The pie chart below describes the portions of 45.
Pie Chart 20 of 45
Figure 1
This piechart is divided into two sections. The bigger section is pink and the smaller section is purple. The bigger section is describing 80 percent of 45 while the smaller section is describing 20 percent of 45.

Image/Mathematical drawings are created in Geogebra.

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