What Is 25 Percent of 500 + Solution With Free Steps

What Is 25 Percent Of 500

25 percent of 500 is 125. To obtain this answer, we multiply 0.25 by 500. 

We can see this scenario in many real-world examples. Let us consider that Emely went to buy his wedding gown. Luckily, brank offers a discount of 25 percent on all the wedding gowns, having a price of 500 dollars. She liked a gown, and its price was 500 dollars, so she got a discount. She calculated the discount amount in the dollar by multiplying 0.25 by 500. The output is 125 dollars. These types of situations are common in other examples.

 In mathematics, a percentage is a number or a ratio that can be expressed as a fraction of 100. If we are to calculate a percentage of a number, divide the number by the whole number and multiply by 100. So a percentage means a part per hundred. The word percent means out of 100. It is represented by the symbol “%.”

What Is 25 Percent of 500?

25 percent of 500 is 125. To calculate this answer, we multiply 0.15 by 100. In this article, we explain step by step procedure to calculate 25 percent of 500.

How to calculate 25 percent of 500?

Percent formula 25 percent of 500

Step 1

In given situation, the output value is 500. Let us suppose that the unknown value is y.

Step 2

Output value can be written in the form of an equation as follows.

500 = 100%

The unknown value can also be written in the form of equation as follows

y = 25%

Step 3

Now we have two equations, we can divide both equations

( 500% ) / ( y% ) = 100 / 25

Step 4

Reciprocal both sides of the equation, we get

y / 500 = 25% / 100%

Step 5

 By solving the above equation for unknown, we get

y = 0.25 x 500

y = 125

The 25 percent of 500 is 125. The below pie chart the 25 percent of 500.

Pie Chart 25 of 500

Figure 1: The above pie chart shows 25 percent of 500.

The above pie chart shows 25 percent of 500. The blue area in the graph shows 25 percent, which is equal to 125. The total is 500. The remaining portion is 75% of the total, which is equal to 375 in the red area of the graph.

All the Mathematical drawings/images are created using GeoGebra.

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