Numerology Calculator + Online Solver With Free Steps

The Numerology Calculator is a helpful widget that allows you to calculate the life path number of a person. A Life Path number describes the personality and characteristics of a human being.

The calculator requires the birthday of the person as the input element and returns a numerical value which is the desired life path number.

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What Is a Numerology Calculator?

A Numerology Calculator is an online calculator that can be used to find the life path number of a person using the date of birth.

The Life Path number of a person describes the traits, strengths, weaknesses, and talents of a person. It came from the study known as numerology which defines the relationship between numbers and life events.

This number helps to improve a person’s life as it makes a complete sketch of the person. It reveals the abilities, possible challenges, and opportunities that might come in a person’s life.

There are multiple methods to calculate this number which involve some calculations and approximations. Also, it requires strong knowledge of the numerology field.

To quickly calculate your life path number without any effort, you can use the Numerology Calculator. The calculator works in your browser without any downloading and installation. 

It performs state of art by providing the most accurate and precise results. Anyone with a good internet connection can use this calculator anywhere and at any time. It is completely free and has no limit on the number of times you can use it.

Read the following sections to learn more about how to use the calculator and the working principle of the calculator.

How To Use the Numerology Calculator?

You can use the Numerology Calculator by inserting the information regarding your date of birth in the given box. It is a calculator with the simplest interface that contains one input box and a click-button for processing the results.

There is a very short and easy procedure for using the calculator. You must follow the below-given steps to get optimal results.

Step 1

Enter the date of birth of the person for which you want to calculate the number. The date of birth should be placed as a single number with the first two digits for the month, the next two for the day, and the last four for the respective year.

Step 2

Now click the ‘Submit’ to get the solution from the calculator.


The output of the calculator consists of two sections. The first section displays the formula that the calculator uses for determining the life path number. Also, it enables the user to cross-check the input number.

The second section gives the desired life path number obtained from solving the equation in the previous one. Anyone can use it to explore his life.

How Does the Numerology Calculator Work?

The numerology calculator works by finding the life path number for the given date of birth. The conventional way to find the life path number is to add all the digits of the birth date until it gives a single digit that represents the life path number.

However, this calculator does not conventionally determine the life path number instead it uses the following formula and considers the date of birth as one number.

Life path number = (n-1) mod 9 + 1

Where ‘n’ is the date of birth.

The usage of this calculator will be cleared when there is knowledge about numerology and the life path number.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the relation of numbers and their frequencies with the lives, paths, and purposes of humans. It applies sacred mathematics to know all the features of human existence.

Numerology mathematically describes a person’s love, career, health, family life, friendships, spirituality, and personality. This study is based on the fact that the person’s fate is determined by the day and time of birth.

Each number has distinctive features according to the numerology theory. These features affect the behavior of the person or are used to speculate the compatibility of the life partners.

The numerological analysis also finds the person’s lucky number. As stated by many numerologists that none of the events take place by the accident instead every event occurs due to the numbers.

What Is the Life Path Number?

A life path number is a number used to determine all the possibilities in life and is treated as the most important number in personal numerology charts. Its significance is similar to that of the sun sign in astrology.

This number depicts the basic principles and ambitions of life. It can be any single digit number between 1 and 9 or one of the three master numbers that are 11, 22, and 33. Every single number corresponds to distinctive qualities, strengths, and weaknesses.

A life path number is calculated using the date of birth. It is mostly found through the conventional way as discussed before however, this calculator has a unique property of determining it through the formula describes in the starting paragraph.

Life Path Numbers and Their Meanings

Each life number encapsulates a different and unique meaning that sheds light on the personality of the person. Hence, the meaning of these numbers should be known which are listed below.

Life Path 1

Life path number 1 represents the independent leader. If a person has life path one, it means that they are a natural-born leader and ambitious. They are also creative and devoted which leads them to stick to their aims.

Life Path 2

The humans with life path 2 are peacemakers who are empathetic, emotionally sensitive, and artistic. Their actions depict unity and honesty. They must love and believe in themselves and bring stabilization in giving and receiving.

Life Path 3

Life path three exhibits the communicative personality. They are socially active and love to be around people. They are also creative, independent, and utterly optimistic which creates a positivity factor in their deeds.

Life Path 4

These people are gifted with strong willpower and a stable personality. They are organized methodical, down-to-earth, and endeavor structure and solidity. However, they must also learn to find a balance between their outer and inner life.

Life Path 5

Life path number 5 represents the free spirit of nature who is an adaptable and flexible thinker. They are skilled to discover the result outside the box. The people with this number should expect continuous variation in their lifetime.

Life Path 6

The humans who are nurturers have life path number six. They are naturally caring, family-oriented, compassionate, and became happy by assisting others.

Nevertheless, while serving others, these people must determine to acquire steadiness between helping and enabling.

Life Path 7

Life path sevens are the wisdom-seekers. They are mainly inspired by virtue of truth, knowledge, and their sacred calling. These persons are pleasant, prayerful, and have an idea of loving the relation with others without pointing out their life.

Life Path 8

Life path 8 is termed as the powerhouse. These people are focused and hardworking entrepreneurs and significantly successful. They also have a chance of becoming good organizers because of their confidence and practical approach.

The people with this life path number are inherently determined and powerful but there should be a responsibility of inspecting that power also.

Life Path 9

The humans with life path number nine are inspired by humanitarian and services to mankind. They are philanthropic, understanding, and charismatic. The people with this number become honorable with a strong sense of fairness.

There are some cases in which the life path number is not from above mentioned single-digit number rather it can be from three two-digit master numbers. The meaning of these master numbers is explained below.

Life Path 11

This life path number depicts the subconscious and it is related to spirituality, instinct, and collaboration.

Life Path 22

Life path number 22 is related to builders and architects. These people are creative, stable, and like to build foundations.

Life Path 33

Life path number 33 represents unlimited love and higher consciousness. This master number is treated as the most progressive and spiritually seeking number.

Solved Examples

The following problems are solved through the Numerology Calculator. Let’s discuss them one by one in detail.

Example 1

Josh is studying numerology as a subject. He is curious to explore his traits and abilities. For this, he needs to determine the life path number that will describe his entire personality. His date of birth is given below:

29th October 2003


The calculator gives the following solution to the problem.


The calculator first provides the equation and the symbol ‘n’ in the equation represents the date of birth as a single number.

(n – 1) mod 9 + 1 where n = 10292003


The life path number for Josh is given as follows:

Life Path Number = 8

Example 2

Kinsey was born on April 8, 1998. In order to know more about her personality, she wants to calculate her life path number.


The following results are expressed by the calculator.


The equation with birthdate as input is given as:

(n – 1) mod 9 + 1 where n = 4081998


Kinsey has the following life path number:

Life Path Number = 3

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