Roman Numerals Calculator + Online Solver With Free Steps

The Roman Numeral Calculator is an online tool that helps to convert any numeral value into a roman numeral. The calculator takes the numerical number as an input and gives its roman form as an output.

roman numerals calculator

What Is the Roman Numerals Calculator?

The Roman Numerals Calculator is an online calculator that converts a numeral value into a Roman numeral numeric system.

Roman Numerals numeric system is a symbolic system based on seven symbols. They are used to represent numbers in the symbolic form. Generally, the conversion or the representation of small numbers in roman numerals is quite simple, but if you are dealing with large numbers, it becomes confusing and time-consuming.

Therefore, this Roman Numerals Calculator quickly converts large numbers into the form of roman numbers within a fraction of seconds. It gives the exact symbolic representation of numbers in Roman form.

It is a very beneficial tool for the students, teachers, etc., who want to convert any number into Roman Numeral. The results of this calculator are cent percent accurate, making it more reliable to use.

Roman Numerals Calculator is a free tool that you can use as many times as you want. You do not need any prior app installation to use this calculator; it can be accessed from any browser connected to the good internet.

In the following sections, the procedure for using this tool and the working mechanism is explained in detail. Keep reading for the complete guide.

How To Use the Roman Numerals Calculator?

You can use the Roman Numerals Calculator by providing the number you want to convert into Roman form. You can enter any finite number for conversion. This tool is relatively straightforward, so you don’t need specific expertise to use this calculator. The interface of this calculator is clear and self-explanatory.

You should follow the simple steps mentioned below to properly use this calculator and get the desired results without errors.

Step 1

Enter the number you want to convert into a Roman numeral in the box labeled ‘Number to convert.’

Step 2

Now click on the Submit button to start the process of getting the results.


The result appears in a pop-up window. The output window is divided into two sections. The first section shows your input value; you can verify whether your input value is correct or not from there.

The second section shows you the actual result, which is the Roman form of the entered value. Specific symbols represent the Roman numbers.

How Does the Roman Numerals Calculator Work?

The Roman Numerals Calculator works by converting the number into its Roman form. It accepts all the whole numbers as input and shows the Roman numeral of the entered number.

The working of this calculator will be cleared when you know about the numbers and Roman numbers, so these basic terms are explained below.

What Is a Number?

A number is an arithmetic value used to represent some quantity of things. The numbers help in making calculations. The mathematical symbol that represents some number is known as a numeral.

For example, 5 represents some arithmetic value or a number; this number is called a numeral. Without numbers, we cannot count things. The counting methods have been changing and evolving since the existence of humanity.

In the start, people used to keep some tokens as numbers. For example, the person kept 5 tokens for 5 chickens; if one of his chickens died, he removed one token. In this way, they first used the method of counting.

The methods keep on improving, and people use some symbols to represent different numbers. For example, Egyptians used rope to describe the number 10. The concept kept on developing, and even odd numbers were introduced.

Today, we have mathematical numbers for counting, but Romans used some symbols for counting. These symbols are still used and are very helpful in several cases—for example, Class I, Class IV, etc.

What Are Roman Numerals?

Roman Numerals are the system of numbering used by Romans to denote an integer value. This numbering system uses specific symbols for representing different numbers that are not following the number system of base 10.

Different methods were used for counting at an early age, as discussed earlier. Fingers were also used for counting numbers initially. But counting on fingers was complicated for larger numbers. This led to the idea of representing numbers.

Initially, Romans discovered that there should be some alternative method for counting the numbers. So as a result, a standard system of counting in the commercial and communication sector was introduced by Romans, i.e., Roman Numeral System.

Symbols in Roman Numerals

There are only seven basic symbols that are used to represent thousands of arithmetic numbers. These symbols are the alphabets representing different numbers.

Following is the list of Roman Symbol and respective numbers:

1          I

5          V

10        X

50        L

100     C

500     D

1000   M

Rules To Write Roman Numerals

Some basic rules are followed to write the numbers in Roman Numerals form. You should add the value of the symbol to itself as many times as it repeats itself. For example, III for 3, XXX for 30, and VV for 10.

One symbol can not repeat itself more than three times consecutively. For example, XXX for 30.

You can not repeat the symbols V, L, and D.

In addition, the symbol of a bigger number is written first, followed by the smaller number. For example XI = 10 + 1 = 11

If the smaller symbol is written before, the bigger number symbol, the smaller number will be subtracted from the bigger one. For example, IV = V-I = 5-1 = 4

You can not write symbols V, L, and D before a greater value; hence, they are never subtracted.

You can subtract symbol I only from V and X. the symbol X can only be subtracted from symbols L, M, and C.

Solved Example

Here is a solved example:

Example 1

Convert 1,300 into Roman Numerals.


The calculator will break 1,300 as:

1000 + 100 + 100 + 100

Now, it will write the symbol accordingly as:


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