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The online Table of Values Calculator provides instant results for a function for multiple variables. The calculator is quick and easy to use. The Table of Values Calculator can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, providing quick and perfect answers for your mathematical problems.table of values calculator

What Is a Table Of Values Calculator?

The Table of Values Calculator is an online calculator used to find the values of a given function. The calculator needs four inputs: the initial value of x, the final value of x, step size, and the equation.Furthermore, you can easily plot graphs using the values provided by the Table of Value Calculator.

How To Use the Table Of Values Calculator?

You can use the online Table of Value Calculator by entering all the required data and pressing the submit button.It is relatively easy-to-use and you can get the answers in just a few seconds. Just follow the instructions given below.

Step 1

First, you need to add the algebraic function. The equation needs at least one independent variable and a dependent variable. 

Step 2

Then add the initial value of the variable. This will act as the starting point of your Table of Values.

Step 3

After adding the initial value of your variable, input the last value. This would be the final value in your result.

Step 4

Finally, add the increments or the number of steps, which is the difference between each consecutive value.

Step 5

Hit the Submit button, and you will instantly be presented with the results.

What Is a Table Of Values?

A Table of Values is a collection of numbers used to obtain the value of another variable, such as in a line equation or other functions, by substituting one variable for another. The first number is called an independent variable. The independent variable is used to find the second variable called the dependent variable.The dependent variable is usually represented by y or f(x). At the same time, the independent variable is represented by x.There can be several uses for the Table of Values. Here are some examples:

Plotting an Equation Using Table of Values

The Table of Values can be used to graph or plot a line equation. The equation of a line is given as:

y = mx+c 

It is usually used when graphing a line. The variable x is changed and inputted into the equation, providing several values of y.When the Table of values is completed, the line equation can be graphed easily.The Table of Values can be generated for equations containing independent and dependent variables.A Table of Values can also help find solutions for polynomial equations. The concept is identical to that of a line equation. The Table of Values is then plotted into a graph.

Comparison of Data Items in Tables

Data items can be compared with each other using a Table of Values. Scientists frequently use tables of value to store data and analyze them to find a pattern. These patterns can help predict future numbers.For example, a geologist studying earthquakes may predict the seismic underground activity by looking at the patterns in the Table of Values.Relationships between two variables can also be analyzed and graphed using a Table of Values. This helps scientists adjust their values to attain the maximum output from their experiments.

Using Table of Values in the Real World

As mentioned above, the Table of Values represents data and shows us the relationship between two entities. A Table of Values is used in your day-to-day life as well. You can find a Table of Values around you if you pay attention.Here is an example of the table of values for the sales a car company has made shown in table 1:
Screenshot 2022 06 16 014600

Table 1

Table 1 shows what car company sales were made from January to March. Looking at the Table closely, you can analyze and detect a pattern between sales values.The company has managed to achieve the highest sales during March. This pattern indicates that the company might also have higher sales next month. We use the Table of Values every day without even knowing it. It can be said that it is an essential mathematical table available to us.

Solved Examples

Here are some examples to explain further.

Example 1

Consider the following equation: \[ f(x) = x^2 + x \]Calculate the Table of Values for this equation. As mentioned in the steps above, enter the function into the calculator. 


Initial value x = 1After adding the function and initial value, add the final value for x.Final value x = 3Finally, we add the step value to the calculator.Steps = 1After clicking the submit button, a table of values is obtained as shown in Table 2:
Screenshot 2022 06 16 014644

Table 2

Example 2

Find the Table of Values for the following equation:

 f(x) = 2x + 5 

Using the calculator, we can easily find the Table of Values.


Initial value x = 1Once you have added the function and initial value, add the final value for x.Final value x = 4Lastly, we add the step value to our calculator.Step = 1Click the submit button to get the results as shown in Table 3:
Screenshot 2022 06 16 014707

Table 3

Example 3

Calculate the Table of Values of the following equation.\[ f(x) = x^2 + 3x – 5 \]Here is the solution for calculating this equation using the Table of Values Calculator.


Initial value x = 1After typing the function value and initial value of x, add the final value for x.Final value x = 4In the final step, we add the incremental value to our calculator.Step = 1The following results are obtained as shown in Table 4:
Screenshot 2022 06 16 014728

Table 4

Example 4

By using the following equation:\[ f(x) = \frac{4x^2}{x} + 2 \]Find out the Table of Values for this equation. We plug the values into our Table of Values Calculator and get our result.


Initial value x = 1Now add the final value for x.Final value x = 4Finally, we add the step value to our calculator.Step = 1Now we click the submit button, and the calculator calculates a table of values shown below in table 5:
Screenshot 2022 06 16 014743

Table 5

Therefore, tables can easily be generated using this easy-to-use online calculator.

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