X and Y Intercepts Finder Calculator + Online Solver With Free Steps

The x and y intercept finder calculator is an online free widget that allows you to calculate the x-intercept and y-intercept of a line. Intercept means the point of intersection of the line with the axis. The calculator returns the value of the desired intercept, i.e., x-intercept or y-intercept.

It’s a reliable tool for all users as it always gives cent percent accurate results in a very short fraction of time. This entirely free tool can be used as often as you want. It has no usage limitations.

The x and y intercept finder calculator operates in all the good browsers. You don’t need any prior purchasing or installation using this super calculator. It would help if you had an internet connection and a browser; your solution is ready then.

The upcoming sections of this article will elaborate on the working and procedures of using this calculator. This will describe how this calculator finds the x and y intercepts and explain some basic concepts.

x and y intercepts finder calculator

What Is the X and Y Intercepts Finder Calculator?

The x and y intercepts calculator is an online tool that finds the intercepts of the equation of a straight line. Both x and y intercepts can be calculated using this tool.

To draw a line using its equation, you need to know its x and y intercepts. The x and y intercepts together help in representing a straight-line equation. For a simple equation, you can find the intercept by hand.

But once you are dealing with complex equations, it becomes time-consuming and confusing, and if you have to plot multiple equations, you will have to find the intercepts for each line which will become a lengthy process.

So this tool solves your problems; we offer you the x and y intercepts finder calculator that quickly calculates the x-intercept and the y-intercept for the given equation. It provides the correct value of the x and y intercepts.

How To Use the X and Y Intercepts Finder Calculator?

You can use the x and y intercepts Finder Calculator by providing the straight line equation whose intercepts you want to know and specifying which intercept you want to know.

It’s a user-friendly tool; those who want to use this calculator don’t need a specific skill. The interface of this tool is very simple and attractive, and it self explanatory for the user.

You will have to write the complete equation, i.e., both sides of the equation, and select the respective option per your requirement.

To use this calculator, you should follow the below step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Enter the straight line equation in the first box labeled as Equation. 

Step 2

Select the intercept you want to know from the scroll-down option labeled as, Find.

Step 3

In the end, click the Submit button to start the calculation of the results.


Once you click the submit button, the calculator starts calculating the results and gives the result in a few seconds. The result section is also very simple. It directly displays the x-intercept or the y-intercept as per your selection.

How Does the X and Y Intercepts Finder Calculator Work?

The x and y intercept finder calculator works by finding the x or y-intercept of the given straight-line equation. It accepts all the straight-line equations and gives accurate results.

The calculator calculates the value of intercept with the simple method. Figuring the x-intercept makes the y equal to zero, and calculating the y-intercept, makes the x equal to zero.

Although it’s a straightforward and easy calculator, to fully understand the working of this calculator, you should know some information regarding basic terms used in this.

What Is an Intercept?

An intercept is a point on an x-y graph where a straight line crosses the axis of that graph. There can be a single intercept if the line crosses only one axis of the graph, and there can be two intercepts if the line crosses both axes of the graph.

X and Y Intercepts

The x-intercept is the point on the x-axis where the line crosses it. If a line crosses the y-axis at a point, it is called the y-intercept.


The line is the collection of points connected in one direction with no width and extended lengths.

Equation of Standard Straight Line

The equation for the straight line is given by:

C = Ax + By


A = the coefficient of x

B = the coefficient of y

C = constant

How Does the Calculator Work?

The x and y intercept finder calculator works by finding the intercepts using the standard straight-line equation. To find the x-intercept, it substitutes y = 0 and solves the equation for x.

To find the y-intercept, the calculator substitutes x = 0 and solves the equation for y.

Solved Example

Some problems solved using the calculator are given below. These problems are for reference to understand the back science of the calculator.

Example 1

Find the x and y intercepts of the given equation:

5x + 15y – 3 = 7


Firstly, convert the equation into the standard form for the line:

5x + 15y = 7 + 3

5x + 15y = 10

For the x-intercept

Now, this equation is given to the calculator as input:

5x + 15y = 10

The calculator plugs y = 0 into this equation:

5x + 15(0) = 10

 And now solve this equation for x:

5x + 0 = 10

5x = 10

x = 10/5

x = 2

So the x-intercept will be:

(2, 0)

For the Y-intercept

The calculator plugs x = 0 into the standard equation:

5(0) + 15y = 10

And now solve this equation for x:

0 + 15y = 10

15y = 10

y = 10/15

y = 2/3

So the y-intercept will be:

(0, 2/3)

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