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The Car Depreciation Calculator is an online tool that estimates the value of your car after it has been used.

The variation in the value of the car between the time of purchase and the time the car was sold is called depreciation. In simple terms, it refers to a slow decline in the car’s worth over time, based on a number of factors.

Every car loses its value over period of time as an outcome of regular damage and weathering. Your car’s depreciation or normal wear and tear affects both its insured declared value and your insurance rate.

car depreciation calculator

What Is a Car Depreciation Calculator?

The Car Depreciation Calculator is an online tool that calculates the value of a car at a certain time in the future. A car’s value decreases inevitably as it ages and has more kilometers on it.

Depreciation is frequently the highest expense of ownership, although it is often overlooked.

Depreciation, which applies whether you choose to sale the car individually or exchange it in through a dealership, is the variation between the value you spent for the car and its current worth at the point of sale.

In the first three years alone, the value of a new car might decrease by 60%. Compared to new cars, used cars do not depreciate as quickly.

People first consider price, economy, and style when choosing an automobile. Depreciation, however, is a significant financial factor.

You’ll save more money with a car that doesn’t lose value as quickly than with one that uses less gas and can go longer between fill-ups.

How To Use a Car Depreciation Calculator

You can use the Car Depreciation Calculator by following the instructions below to get the desired results.

Step 1

Fill in the provided input boxes with the given data.

Step 2

Click on the “Submit” button to determine the value of Car Depreciation of the given data and also the whole step-by-step solution for the Car Depreciation Calculation will be displayed.

How Does a Car Depreciation Calculator Work?

The Car Depreciation Calculator works by estimating the negative effect on the worth of a car at a certain point in the coming years, such as when you want or anticipate to exchange it with a brand new model of the car.

The moment a buyer purchases an automobile, its value begins to decline, typically by up to 10%. After then, during the first year of extraction, its value plummets significantly, typically by 15 to 30%.

From that point on, it falls off at a slower rate every year as new, better automobiles hit the market and the old ones get older and wear out. Around 9–10 years in, depreciation starts to slow down.

Depreciation is influenced by elements that the owner may control, such as proper maintenance, little use on good roads, etc., but it is also a result of external forces, shifting consumer preferences, and escalating regulatory requirements.

Consider if you want to purchase a newer and fresh vehicle, which will likely lose it’s value significantly in the first few years, or a secondhand car, which will lose value more steadily.

Depreciation is only important if you intend to trade the automobile and purchase a new one. If you plan to retain your automobile for a long period, it is less of an issue.

1. Make and Model

Tractor trailers, Crossovers, and supercars have some of the lowest devaluation rates after 5 years, but premium limousines and electrified vehicles typically depreciate more quickly, based on a 2020 study by the automotive research firm

Toyota and Jeep took five of the top 10 slots on the list of cars with the lowest depreciation rates.

BMW occupied three slots in the top 10 list of vehicles with the highest rates of depreciation.

2. Mileage

In general, an automobile depreciates at a faster pace the more miles it has.

For instance, a car that is driven 100 miles per day will typically depreciate more quickly than one that is used only 10 miles per day.

3. Condition

Is the car still “like new” or is it starting to show its age? In general, a car in bad condition will experience a bigger drop in value than one that is in excellent condition.

Car Depreciation Formula

To calculate the used car’s value, we need certain input variables that have been given below.

Initial Cost = C

Depreciation rate in percentage = r

Number of years car used = n

The formula for depreciation goes like this:

\[ A = C \times 1+ \frac{r^n}{100}\]

Advantages of Using the Car Depreciation Calculator

Editing the parameters in the calculator is all that is required to examine the degradation costs for any model of automobile, regardless of it’s value.

The calculator’s outputs can be utilized to contrast the prices provided by used automobile sellers.

Both purchasers and vendors can utilize the calculator to determine an estimated used car worth.

Financial Caution

A bank deposit or other similar investment’s interest rate and returns can be estimated using this simple online calculator, but this is by no means the end of the process.

When making significant financial decisions and long-term agreements, such as long-term bank deposits, you should always seek the advice of a skilled professional.

Use the calculator’s information with caution and at your own risk.

Solved Examples

Let’s explore some examples to better understand the working of the Car Depreciation Calculator.

Example 1

The annual rate of automotive depreciation is 14% on average. What will a car be worth roughly in five years if you buy it for $25,000?


Purchasing value = $25000

R =14%

n = 5

After n years, the car’s worth will be determined as follows:

\[ A = P  \times (1 – \frac{R}{100})^n \]

= 25000 x  (1 – 0.14)$^5 $

= 25000 x (1 – 0.14)$^5 $

= 25000 x (0.86)$^5 $

= 25000 x 0.4704

= $11760

Answer: After five years, the car will be worth roughly $11760

Example 2

John spent $30,000 on a brand-new vehicle. The car loses 25% of its value in the first year and 14% per year after that. After three years, how much will be the car good enough to justify?


Purchasing value = $30000

Value of the car depreciates in the 1st year =25%

Value of the car depreciates afterwards =14%

n = 3

The car’s worth after n years, \[ A = P  \times (1 – \frac{R}{100})^n \]

Following one year, the car’s worth is as follows:

A = 30000  x (1 – $\frac{25}{100})^1 $

= 30000 x (1 – 0.25)$^1 $

= 30000 x 0.75

= $22500

Following three years, the car’s worth is as follows:

A = 19500 x $(1 – \frac{14}{100})^{3-1} $

= 19500 x $ (1 – \frac{14}{100})^2 $

= 19500 x (1 – 0.14)$^2 $

= 19500 x (0.86)$^2 $

= 19500 x 0.7396

= $14422.2

Answer:The automobile is worth $14422.2 after three years.

Example 3

Consider this, you bought a car for $35000 that you kept for 1 year with a first-year depreciation rate of 25% and now you want to sell it.


To be sure of the right price that it should sell for that no one could challenge in a bargain. Simply, input the values in the formula:

Initial cost = C = $35000

Depreciation rate = r= 25%

Number of years car is used = n = 5 years

Given the values:

A = 35000  x $\frac{1+255}{100}$ = $8,750

The average value of your car that is lost after 1 year with a 25 percent depreciation rate is 8,750.

Now minus this value from your car’s initial cost and you get the price at which it is justified to sell now.

Current price = 35000 – 8750

  Current price = $25,250

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