Use the Distributive Property To Remove the Parentheses

We can use the distributive property to remove the parenthesis in a mathematical expression by properly distributing the multiplication operation inside the parenthesis.  The process of eliminating the parentheses using the distributive property is essential in solving many mathematical problems. This guide will help you understand the concept of the distributive property and how we […]

Is -1 a Rational Number? Detailed Explanation With Sample

Yes, the number $-1$ is a rational number because we can write the number negative $1$ in $dfrac{p}{q}$ form. So, the question arises, “what is meant by $dfrac{p}{q}$ form?” “What is meant by “p” and what is meant by “$q$”?” In this article, we will study in detail what makes “$-1$” a rational number and, […]

Is -6 a Rational Number? A Detailed Guide

Yes, the number $-6$ is a rational number because we can write it in $dfrac{p}{q}$ form.  To answer the question “Is -6 a rational number?” we should first learn what is meant by $dfrac{p}{q}$ form. How can we write “$-6$” in $dfrac{p}{q}$ form, and what p and q in this fraction mean? In this complete […]

How To Find 16 Square Root: Detailed Explanation

The square root of $16$ is $4$. The square root of $16$ can be written as $sqrt{16}$, as we know the square root symbol is $sqrt{}$ and the answer of $sqrt{16}$ is $4$. Solving the square root of any number is quite easy, and all you need to do is have a basic concept of […]

Expanded Form Exponents — Explanation and Examples

If we expand a number as a summation of individual digits multiplied by powers of $10$, then we call it the expanded form exponents. In this topic, we will learn how to expand any given number using exponents. We will cover integers as well as decimal numbers using many numerical examples. What Is Expanded Form […]