What is d/dx? A Detailed Explanation

The symbol d/dx is used to differentiate any function with respect to the variable $x$. The derivative or differentiation in mathematics is used to determine the rate of change of a given function. So, if we are using the d/dx formula or the d/dx symbol with a function “$f$,” then we are calculating the rate […]

What Is the Integral of Arctan x And What Are Its Applications?

The integral of $arctan x$ or the inverse of tan x is the function that returns the inverse tangent of x as its derivative. It is equal to: $int arctan xphantom{x}dx= x arctan x -dfrac{1}{2} ln|1 + x^2| + C$. In this complete guide, learn how to derive the formula for arctan x and how […]

How Hard is Calculus? A Comprehensive Guide

Calculus is not that hard if you have a good understanding of its prerequisites, such as algebra and pre-calculus. The name calculus sends a shiver down the spine of many students. Is the subject of calculus really this hard? Basic calculus is not that hard, but if a student has a lax attitude or behavior […]

Coefficient Matrix — Explanation and Examples

A matrix that consists of the coefficients of a linear equation is known as a coefficient matrix. The coefficient matrix solves linear systems or linear algebra problems involving linear expressions. In the study of matrices, the coefficient matrix is used for arithmetic operations on matrices. A method like Cramer’s rule utilizes coefficient matrices to find […]

Function Operations – Explanation and Examples

Function operations are the arithmetic operations that are used to solve a function. The arithmetic operations applied to a function are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In this article, we will learn about functions and how we can apply different operations to functions. What Are Function Operations? Function operations are the arithmetic rules we can […]