Can two events with nonzero probabilities be both independent and mutually exclusive?

The question aims to answer if two events can be both independent and mutually exclusive simultaneously with non-zero probabilities. When we toss two coins, the result of one coin does not affect the other. if one outcome is head/tail, this doesn’t affect the result of another event. This means mutually exclusive events are not independent. […]

The price p (in dollars) and the quantity x sold of a certain product obey the demand equation p= -1/6x + 100. Find a model that expresses the revenue R as a function of x.

The main objective of this question is to find the revenue model of the given equation as just a function with respect to x. This question uses the concept of revenue model. A revenue model is a blueprint that outlines how a startup company will generate revenue or annual profit out of its basic business operations. Revenue […]

Vertex Formula: Complete Definition, Examples, and Solutions

The vertex formula is used to solve for the vertex $(h,k)$ of a parabola. The vertex is the point in the parabola that describes the maximum or minimum value of the function. The vertex formula gives the exact vertex of a given quadratic equation without plotting the graph of the parabola. Similarly, we can derive […]

What is Calculus 4?

The course Calc 4 or Calculus 4 may differ in every institution that offers or teaches the course. It involves a wide range of branches or subfields of calculus necessary in the further understanding of the vast field of calculus. Calculus is a certain branch of mathematics that deals with continuous change. In this complete […]

Solving 1 Divided by Infinity

Dividing 1/infinity does not exist because infinity is not a real number. However, we can find a way to target this problem that is valid and acceptable. Read this complete guide to find out the solution to this problem. How To Solve 1/Infinity? Solving $1/infty$ is the same as solving for the limit of $1/x$ […]