Vertex Formula: Complete Definition, Examples, and Solutions

The vertex formula is used to solve for the vertex $(h,k)$ of a parabola. The vertex is the point in the parabola that describes the maximum or minimum value of the function. The vertex formula gives the exact vertex of a given quadratic equation without plotting the graph of the parabola. Similarly, we can derive […]

What is Calculus 4?

The course Calc 4 or Calculus 4 may differ in every institution that offers or teaches the course. It involves a wide range of branches or subfields of calculus necessary in the further understanding of the vast field of calculus. Calculus is a certain branch of mathematics that deals with continuous change. In this complete […]

Solving 1 Divided by Infinity

Dividing 1/infinity does not exist because infinity is not a real number. However, we can find a way to target this problem that is valid and acceptable. Read this complete guide to find out the solution to this problem. How To Solve 1/Infinity? Solving $1/infty$ is the same as solving for the limit of $1/x$ […]

Evaluate 512/2

Solving 512/2 Evaluating 512/2 is equal to 256. How did we arrive at that answer? We simply solve for the quotient when 512 is divided by 2. We can hit our calculators and plug in 512/2 to get the answer, but if calculators are not allowed, we need to perform integer divisions to arrive at […]

Linear vs Nonlinear Function: Explanation and Examples

Linear vs nonlinear functions is a standard comparison you will encounter while studying mathematics. Any given function can be represented as a graph. The graph can be linear or nonlinear, depending upon the characteristics of the function. This guide will help you better understand linear and nonlinear functions and how they differ from each other […]