Glide reflection

Glide Reflection – Definition, Process and Examples

The glide reflection is a great example of a composite transformation, which means it is composed of two basic transformations. Through glide

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Incenter theorem

Incenter Theorem – Definition, Conditions and Examples

The incenter theorem shows that the angle bisectors dividing the triangle’s vertices are concurrent. This theorem establishes the properties and

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Angle bisector theorem

Angle Bisector Theorem – Definition, Conditions and Examples

The angle bisector theorem highlights the relationship shared between the line segments and sides of a given triangle. Since this theorem applies to

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Side splitter theorem

Side Splitter Theorem – Rules, Application and Examples

The side splitter theorem simplifies the relationship between the line segments formed by the two similar triangles with overlapping sides. It

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Double angle theorem

Double Angle Theorem – Identities, Proof, and Application

The double angle theorem is the result of finding what happens when the sum identities of sine, cosine, and tangent are applied to find the

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