Triangle reflection

Triangle Reflection – Definition, Techniques, and Examples

Mastering triangle reflection tests our understanding of transformations and reflections that occur on a rectangular coordinate plane. The triangle

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Rational root theorem

Rational Root Theorem – Explanation & Examples

Rational root theorem, also known as rational zero theorem or rational root test, states that the rational roots of a single-variable polynomial with

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Cosine theorem explanation and examples

Cosine Theorem – Explanation & Examples

The law of cosines or cosine theorem is a rule that provides us with the relation between the sides and angles of a triangle. The relationship is

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Inverse function theorem

Inverse Function Theorem – Explanation & Examples

Inverse function theorem gives a sufficient condition for the existence of the inverse of a function around a certain point and also tells us how to

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Perimeter of a rectangle – explanation examples

Perimeter of a Rectangle – Explanation & Examples

Perimeter of a rectangle is the total length of all of its sides. It is calculated with the help of the following formula: $textrm{Perimeter of a

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