What Does Triangle ABC Is Similar to Triangle DEF Mean?

The $triangle$ ABC is similar to $triangle$ DEF when the corresponding sides of both triangles are in proportion to each other and the corresponding angles are the same as well. We should keep in mind that the shape of both the triangles will be the same, but their size may vary. In this article, we […]

What Does Zero Slope Mean? How To Calculate Zero Slope

The zero slope of a line means that it is horizontal and rises or inclines like a slope. If a line is perfectly horizontal across the Cartesian plane, then the slope of that line will be zero. Consider a person riding a bicycle on a plane horizontal road. Then, the slope at any point of […]

Right Prism: Definition, Explanation and Examples

The right prism is a three-dimensional solid figure with parallel, similar-shaped polygons at the top and bottom, and these polygons are connected vertically at an angle of $90^{o}$. In this guide, we will learn what a solid figure is. What does a right prism mean, and what are its types, the formula for the surface […]

270 Degrees Angle – Explanation & Examples

A 270 degree angle is three-fourths or $dfrac{3}{4}$ of the complete circular angle of $360^{o}$. Angles are formed by the intersection of two lines or rays, and the space between the intersection of lines or rays is called the angle. The angle of 270 degrees is greater than a right angle, an example of a […]

What is 0 on a Graph? Explanation and Examples

The $0$ on a graph is the reference point for all other points. The graph of a $0$ function has an output of zero irrespective of any input. So how do we draw the $0$ on a graph in a number line? To draw the graph of $0$ for a function, we will say that […]